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Natural Winter Wreath

I do enjoy the occasional craft project. When I found the adorable rose shaped pine cones in my parent’s yard, I could not resist. This wreath can be made for Valentine’s Day or just as a winter decoration. You could even paint the whole thing red to look like roses.

Add some decoration during the long winter months.

Add some decoration during the long winter months.

Natural wreath for Valentine's Day.

Natural wreath for Valentine’s Day.

How to Make the Wreath


  • Styrofoam wreath: I used a 16″ flat. However, it was a lot to cover.
  • Deodar Cedar Cone Roses: I used at least 100. You’ll be surprised how many it takes
  • Sheets of green moss: if you opt not to paint the wreath a color
  • Spray paint: optional and not used on the wreaths pictured above
  • Natural bark covered wire (if you want a heart)
  • Red berries (if you want a heart)
  • Wire: 24 gauge
  • Hot glue: lots of it!
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors to cut the moss


  1. Using the 24 gauge wire cut multiple pieces about 1.5″ long. With your needle nose pliers make a small closed loop at the end of the wire. The loop should be about 1/8″ or less. Make it tight around your pliers. The theory behind adding the loop is it will help to make the bond with the pine cone more secure.
  2. wired pine conesThe pine cones have a natural hole in the back. It makes the perfect spot to add the wire. Add some hot glue to your wire loop and place it inside the hole. Leave the pine cone upside down to dry. These lovely wired pine cones could now also be used on other projects.
  3. If you are painting your wreath, now would be the time to spray it down with the color. Make sure to use paint that will not eat through the styrofoam. If you are going for the natural look, now is the time to place your moss sheets on the wreath. Try to cover the edges as well. However, don’t worry if you have some small gaps. The gaps can be covered with pine cones. You may need to cut the moss to fit the wreath. (I did mine a little backward because I decided to add the moss after I’d already set the pine cones. The pine cone color looked too pretty to paint.)
  4. Adding mossStart pushing your wired pine cones into the wreath. Pack them in as tightly as possible to create a fuller wreath. If you are using the moss, the wired pine cones will act as the bond to the wreath. Aim to put the wires at the edges of the moss and through the thicker areas of the moss.
  5. Your wreath is now complete as a winter wreath. Add a ribbon to make it festive. This would be the time to spray paint over the pine cones if you are going for a solid look. Continue reading if you would like to add a heart to the middle.
  6. Take the bark covered wire and make a loose heart that just overlaps with the center of the wreath. This should give you a general idea of the length. Add a little extra to be safe.
  7. With the initial length in mind, triple up the wire. I found that the one wire by itself was too skinny. Now cut the wire and twist the three pieces together to make a vine like structure. The twist does not need to be perfect. The gaps will make it interesting when you add the berries.
  8. Heart shaped wireStart to form a heart shape with the vine. Make it so the point of the heart and the two curves overlap with the edge of the wreath. Again, do not worry about making it absolutely even. You want it to match with the natural elements on the rest of the wreath. However, do make sure it lies flat on the ground.
  9. BerriesUsing your hot glue (yes, this is a lot of glue) make a tiny strip of glue on the front of the heart following the wire. Add two or three berries. Repeat this process until you cover the whole heart. The goal is to follow the lines of the wire so that you have spots where you have three berries next to each other and other spots where you just have two. By laying the berries this way, you will keep the natural feel of a vine.
  10. Cut 3″ of the 24 gauge wire and bend it in half. Feed the open arch through the bottom point of the heart between the wires. Using your pliers twist the wire so it makes a tight wire stake. Repeat this process for the two arches.
  11. Take your finished heart and lay it on top of your wreath. You may need to temporarily remove a few of your wired pine cones to place it in. Using the three wires, secure the heart to the styrofoam. Add back in any removed pine cones. You may also need to re-glue any berries that came off during placement.
  12. Voilà! You have a Valentine’s Day wreath. I secured mine to my door using a loop of fishing line.

Did you try making a wreath for the winter of Valentine’s Day? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments!


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