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Welcome to my site! I’m Kaila. You may also know me as the techybaker.

Technology and baking- where do they clash? That is for me to decide and you to find out. Expect to learn about my random food escapades and my healthy love of technology. If you are lucky, you can read about them together.


I come from a long line of foodies who cook (yes, not all foodies can cook). It started with my Grandma’s shortbread which was famous enough that she would mail it back home to Scotland. With the next generation, one uncle continues the tradition of shortbread while the other spoils the family with projects such as working through cheesecake magazines to find the perfect one (white chocolate cheesecake with a texture like butter- amazing!). The mastermind behind my love for food is my mother. Everything is made from scratch. That’s not to say that my father does not have a few tricks up his sleeve including expertise in jam and english toffee. Given our early food exposure, it is not a surprise that both my brother and I love to bake.


My love for technology was a later in life affair. Please don’t get me wrong, technology was always part of my life (yes, I was part of the robotics club). However, it really picked up during college when I took an internship at an online music startup. The rest is history…the internship blossomed into the realization that high tech is the place for me.

This site is dedicated to my love of baking and technology. You may also get a sprinkle of savory cooking and the arts. If you are interested in my professional experience check out my site.